PHP Job Board: Find a Jobs that Requires PHP Skills

So how do you get a job as a PHP programmer? The first step is to find an advertisement asking for PHP programmers. is a great source for pretty much any job. For PHP specific jobs check this out. An if your looking at a career change check this website out. With PHP jobs the best way to get a good job is to actually look on PHP websites for a link titled either positions available, jobs, or PHP coders wanted etc. Once you have found a company looking for a coder send them your resume and a cover letter.

PHP programmers are employed on the basis of coding ability. This has two implications for you. First, include plenty of examples of websites where you have done PHP coding. Don't just list the website, explain how you used PHP in job, explain what your role was within the team, and explain what PHP features you were responsible for coding.

The second implication is that you can expect that you will be given a PHP coding test at some point throughout the job application process. The trick to this is to brush up on your PHP coding. Review the basics of PHP as the interviewer will often only be able to assess your ability for the basics. A common trap is to be so good at PHP that you come up with a solution that is too complicated for the interviewer and you miss out the job because the interviewer cannot understand what you coded and thinks you don't really understand PHP.

Once you have sent off your PHP-ified resume, follow up with a phone call. It is surprising how many programmers will simply send off a resume and then do nothing. Be proactive. When a company is looking for a PHP coder they want someone that can take action on their own not simply do what they are told. You will be surprised to hear how many people get PHP jobs simply because they pick up the phone an call. The aim of the phone call is simply to get an interview.

On the day of the interview wear your best suit, groom yourself well, and most importantly be on time. During the interview just answer the questions you are asked. Don't be surprised if you are not asked a single question about PHP during the first interview. The first interview is normally about attitude and fit with the company not coding ability. The second round of interviews will have a technical focus and you can expect lots of questions about PHP.

Good Luck PHP Coders
May you find a good job fast!
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