Welcome to PHP Head

What is PHP Head?

The aim of PHP Head is to be your one stop introduction to PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). We cover topics such as where you can get or download PHP, how to install PHP, coding PHP pages. We want to give you links to PHP tutorials, introductory lessons on PHP, information on how to install PHP, the latest news in the PHP world, jobs that you can get with PHP and books on PHP. Basically we have gone PHP mad. 

PHP is a very powerful scripting language. According to Netcraft, over twenty million domains were using PHP as at July 2007. Given we are now in 2011 that figure will have increase even more. Please click the links above to learn more about PHP and remember we are funded by our advertising so please click our ads when they interest you.

The current version of PHP is version 5.3 however developers are egarly awaitng the late running PHP version 6.

Your first PHP Program

Step 1.
Open notepad. PHP files are text files. This means you can write your files in any text editor.

Step 2.
Insert an opening <?php and closing ?> tag. Your file should look something like this:
//Sample code for opening and closing tags.

These tags tell the PHP interpreter when to begin reading your code as a PHP file.

You can read the rest of this article in our PHP tutorial section.
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